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Introducing our NEW! e-book...

The One-Page Breakthrough

Marketing Plan

6 W’s to Create Extraordinary Sales!

Discover how to simply & easily create a plan that delivers results.


Based on Dennis Sullivan’s 25 years of marketing & launching more than 100 businesses & products, this e-book offers step-by-step guidnce to put this powerful tool to work for you...

You Get:

  • The #1 question to ask before your begin. Ignore this first step at your own peril.

  • 6 easy steps to turn your idea in a profitble business.

  • Practical guidance to help craft your strategy -- in any marketing channel.

  • Tips to convert your leads into sales.

  • Regular guidance delivered to your inbox as inspiration strikes!

Warning! This is NOT a traditional book.

I wrote this book to teach you how to market any product or any service using my One Page Breakthrough Marketing Plan -- the same plan we use with clients every day. It contains no theory—but dozens of practical steps to guide you.

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