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Marketing is about one thing – sales!

We get that. How you go about doing that is the challenge.

Fortunately, we have a proven system for generating leads, nurturing those leads and converting them into sales. Our formula is supported by science & backed by more than two decades of practical experience helping small- and mid-size businesses grow.


Founded in 2007 by Dennis Sullivan, Breakthrough Pros was a dream for many years while helping to launch new businesses and turn around others at some of the country’s fastest growing companies.

About Us

Our unique combination of evidence-based management and a relentless drive to do what is best for our clients are the reasons why so many business owners rely on Breakthrough Pros for guidance.

About Dennis Sullivan

Dennis is known as a “turnaround artist” from his work at Argosy, LLC, Agora Inc. as well as working with hundreds of businesses while helping to revive

struggling products with innovative branding and compelling marketing.


He is author of The Breakthrough One Page Marketing Plan and is an Associate Professor at the Community College of Baltimore County. He is a former fellow at Johns Hopkins University, and the recent recipient of ACBSP’s International Teaching Excellence Award – making him one of the top 2 business professors in the world.


He is also Founder & Executive Director of CCBC's Center for Business Innovation, which help students and alumni of CCBC launch new businesses. Currently, he is working to complete his PhD in marketing will soon have the title of doctor -- not the kind that helps people!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on 3 core principles:

  1. 1. Always begin with the customer in mind.

  2. 2. Analyze the evidence & data when making decisions.

  3. 3. Trust your gut!

Everything begins and ends with the customer. Without the customer, nothing exists! That's why everything we do starts with the customer in mind.
We're also nerds

when it comes to marketing & business. While others are enjoying Netflix and the latest series on HBO, we're reading academic journals and research papers to give our clients a competitive edge. Yet, there is still no substitute for experience.


That's why we have also learned to trust our instincts. These three principles are what have helped us create innovative solutions & extraordinary results for our clients. 

Our Staffing Model

Our staffing model at Breakthrough Pros is also very different. As a client, you work directly with the owner, Dennis Sullivan, who develops

the strategy and is actively involved getting the work done!


With decades of experience, we have a vast network of the most talented copywriters, designers, coders, graphic artists, illustrators, social media experts, videographers, and advertisers on the planet.

Our network spans the globe with designers in Maryland, Oregon, Iceland ... writers throughout the U.S. ... illustrators in Eastern Europe ... coders in Greece and the UK ... graphic artists in New Zealand ... and many other corners of the world.

That means we can quickly ramp up as needed to ensure we get the best quality work -- and the work is done on time!

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