The One-Page Breakthrough Marketing Plan

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The One-Page Breakthrough Marketing Plan: 6 W’s to Create Extraordinary Sales!

Discover how to simply & easily create a plan that delivers results.

Based on Dennis Sullivan’s 25 years of marketing & launching more than 100 businesses & products, this e-book offers step-by-step guidnce to put this powerful tool to work for you...

You Get:

  • The #1 question to ask before your begin. Ignore this first step at your own peril.
  • 6 easy steps to turn your idea in a profitble business.
  • Practical guidance to help craft your strategy -- in any marketing channel.
  • Tips to convert your leads into sales.

Warning! This is NOT a traditional book.

I wrote it in order to teach you how to market any product or any service using my One Page Breakthrough Marketing Plan -- the same plan we use with clients every day. It contains no theory—but dozens of practical steps to guide you.

About the author

Dennis J. Sullivan, author, speaker & founder of Breakthrough Pros

Dennis J. Sullivan is the founder of Breakthrough Pros, a full-service marketing and consulting firm helping entrepreneurs and marketers grow their businesses. With more than 25 years of creating, growing and turning around businesses, he has launched more 100 products and services. He is also an author, Professor of Marketing at Johns Hopkins University and at the Community College of Baltimore County and is Executive Director of CCBC's Center for Business Innovation.

"Wow! Thank Goodness for the One-Page Marketing Plan!"

"Now, we have an original message and promise we need to move forward! I would recommend Breakthrough Pros to anyone serious about being successful in their marketing endeavors." 

Dobbin Buck, Web Marketing Strategic Consultant 
GetUWired Web Services 

"This book is AMAZING. I have worked with lots of marketing tools but this one made the process a lot easier. We use it again and again.”


“Marketing has become a lot more complicated but this e-book gave us the strategies we needed to keep our branding consistent -- whether we are using social media, sales, direct marketing, etc. Best of all, it delivers results!"


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