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About Breakthrough Marketing Pros

Marketing is about one thing – creating sales!

We get that. How you go about doing that is the challenge.

Fortunately, we have a proven system for generating leads, nurturing those leads and converting them into sales based on more than two decades of helping small- and mid-size businesses grow. Chances are we can do the same for you too.

Founded in 2007 by Dennis Sullivan, Breakthrough Pros was a dream for many years while helping to launch new businesses and turn around others at some of the country’s fastest growing companies.

“Everything begins and ends with the customer. Without the customer, we have nothing.”

Dennis is well-known in the publishing industry as a “turnaround artist” from his work at United Communications Group and Agora Inc. helping to revive struggling products with innovative branding and compelling marketing based on his customer-centric business philosophy.

That philosophy is what makes his clients thrive today. Call it our secret sauce or our formula. It’s what continues to make the company – and clients – so successful. As he says, “Everything begins and ends with the customer. Without the customer, we have nothing.”

Whether you’re looking to generate new leads, convert more leads into sales or launch new products, Breakthrough Pros can help you develop innovative solutions – and deliver extraordinary results.

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